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How to Make Surveys in Microsoft Teams for iPhones in 3 Steps



Microsoft Teams allows participants to interact in different ways during remote meetings. One such way is to send and receive replies to surveys and polls before, during, or after meetings and get instant answers.

However, you’ll first need to learn how to make surveys in Microsoft Teams before engaging with the members.

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  1. Open a Channel or Chat in Microsoft Teams

    How to Make Surveys in Microsoft Teams for iPhones

    If you don’t yet have Microsoft Teams, download it from Apple’s App Store for an iPhone or iPad or Google Play for an Android device. If you’re the meeting organiser or presenter, open Microsoft Teams on your device. Find Meetings on the menu on the left, click on it and select Schedule a Meeting. Pick the channel you want to meet on and invite the participants.

  2. Create a Survey or Poll and add it

    How to Make Surveys in Microsoft Teams for iPhones

    To set up your survey or poll for your iPhone, click on the meeting to which you want to add a
    poll under Calendar on the Teams desktop app or Teams on the Web. Select Chat with participants. Then +Add a tab, find Forms, and click. Click Save, and a Polls tab will be added to your meeting. On your iPhone, tap More, select Polls, and tap +Create New Poll.

  3. Choose Options for Questions and Answers

    How to Make Surveys in Microsoft Teams for iPhones

    Once you have created your survey or poll, you can choose from several options. Your questions can be multiple-choice, take the form of a quiz, or you can allow participants to answer as they wish. You can make the answers anonymous or decide if the results must be shared as soon as people have answered the question/s. Then click Save.

How Surveys and Polls Enhance Your Meetings

Microsoft Teams allows interaction between people running a meeting and participants. Companies can gather valuable feedback before, during, or after a remote meeting. Managers might even be surprised at what they can learn from their employees!

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