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How to Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting



Microsoft Teams has become the preferred video conferencing app among many corporations and individuals. Sure, you might enjoy Skype, Slack, Zoom, or Webex more. What do you do if someone sends you an MT meeting invite, though? Well, panicking isn’t what we’re aiming for in this scenario.

How to join a Microsoft Teams meeting on the web

Let’s begin with what you should do if you accept an invite on your web browser, which has a different process to the desktop and mobile apps.

Step 1: Accept the invite

When you receive an email with the Microsoft Teams meeting invitation, you’ll need to select ‘Click here to join the meeting.’ If you want to, you can use the conference ID or dial-in number within the email as another way to find the conference.

Step 2: Choose your portal

The site will provide you with three options to join the Microsoft Teams meeting:

  • Download the Windows/Mac desktop app;
  • Enter the meeting using your web browser;
  • Open the Teams app that you already have available.

Step 3: Join the meeting

After you select the option to use the browser, you’ll need to insert your name, choose your audio and visual settings, and then join.

How to join a Microsoft Teams Meeting on the app

Of course, you can join a Teams meeting straight from your desktop or mobile app. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open your calendar

If you’ve already accepted the invite, you can head to the Calendar in your app and find the relevant appointment. You can join one that’s in progress or that hasn’t started yet.

Step 2: Adjust your settings

Now’s your chance to configure the settings before showing your face to everyone. You’ll need to turn your camera on, but you can also change the background filters so the other members don’t see your laundry in the background. 

Step 3: Join the meeting

Once your settings are ready, you can click on ‘Join Now’ to officially meet the other team members. Remember to smile and make that lasting impression.

Don’t miss your meeting!

Now that you’ve seen how to join a Microsoft Teams meeting, there’s no excuse for you to miss the next appointment. Of course, you could always pretend you’ve never read this guide and had no idea what was going on. Don’t worry, we’ve done that, too.

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